Feather Quill, Ink & Magnifiying Glass - White

Feather Quill, Ink & Magnifiying Glass - White

  • $47.54


Any true artist knows it's all in the details - and the same is true for calligraphy. That's why a magnifying glass has been included with this calligraphy set, allowing you to study and replicate intricate letterforms down to a tee. A feather shaft to the dip pen invokes a little old-world charm.


  • Feather quill pen made of genuine goose feather available in either black or white
  • One bottle of wax-sealed ink
  • A stunning magnifying glass made of pewter
  • Made in Italy with accompanying card of authenticity
  • Packaged in a premium gift box making it an ideal wedding gift
  • The decorative scroll contains full instructions on how to use your set

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