Office Items Every Bitcoin Fan Needs

Bitcoin has been taking the internet by storm and has now become daily news with it's worth reaching all time highs without slowing down. More and more people are getting into the popular cryptocurrency. Just like with many things that we are fans of we tend to express our passion for them. Bitcoin fans can now express themselves in the office by getting office supplies custom made for the cryptocurrency. Take a look at the list below to see what you can add to your desk at work.    1. Custom mugs are quite popular in the office and a...

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Fun Things To Personalize Your Car

Just like a school notebook or the back of a laptop, we like to personalize our car with decorations. It's just another way we like to express ourselves. Take a look at some fun things that you can do with your car and really personalize it.  1. Vanity license plates are a fun way to say what you want no matter the number/letter limit. 2. License plate frames are a great way to show off your favorites or something you support. 3. Stickers whether they are for the bumper or window are another good way to express our favorites or something...

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Why Car Scratch Pens Are Great

Cars are not cheap and like all nice things they need to be taken care of. Cars have a higher chance of wearing down quicker than other items due to it's environment. Sure you can protect it inside your garage, but as soon as you take it out there are a lot of factors that aren't under your control. This includes other drivers, road obstacles, animals, etc. There is a decent chance of ending up with a scratch on your car that you had nothing to do with.  Obviously some damage can be big and needs a professional to take...

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